Los Angeles River Cooperation Committee

An individual or group planning to implement a project within or adjacent to the Los Angeles River right-of-way is encouraged to submit the project to the Los Angeles River Cooperation Committee for review as early in the development process as possible.

The Los Angeles River Cooperation Committee (RCC) is a joint working group of the County and City of Los Angeles, with the United States Army Corps of Engineers serving in an advisory capacity. The RCC was formalized in the Los Angeles River Memorandum of Understanding of 2009 and meets at least twice per year to share information, evaluate, and make recommendations about public, private, and non-profit sector projects along the upper reach of the Los Angeles River.

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Group Reservations

Organized groups that would like to conduct an event, program, or provide services in the recreation zone need to obtain a permit from the Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA), and provide proof of liability insurance.

There is no need for a permit and there are no user fees for individuals entering the Pilot Recreation Zone.

Group Use Administrative Permit Fees and Requirements

There is a permit fee structure for group permits issued by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority for the Los Angeles River Recreation Zone.  All fees are group use administrative permit fees pursuant to Government Code section 831.7 and do not constitute specific fees to engage in any particular activity within the Zone

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