Albion Riverside Park

Albion Riverside Park Plan View Rendering

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In addition to providing LA River-adjacent open space, the Albion Riverside Park project is a Proposition O water quality improvement project. Additional funding for the project came from the State of California's Proposition 84, which finances the creation of new parks and recreation facilities for underserved California communities, and from the City's Proposition K, which is focused on combatting the inadequacies and decay of the City’s youth infrastructure and improving park, recreation, childcare and community facilities. The six (6) acre triangle-shaped site is adjacent to the Los Angeles River, north of Main Street and south of Spring Street. The site is bordered by Albion Street to the southeast, by the existing Downey Park to the north, and by railroad tracks to the west.

Albion Riverside Park will provide recreational uses, educational opportunities, and improved access along the LA River. Recreational amenities at the site will include multi-purpose athletic fields, walking paths, adult fitness zones, children’s play area, picnic area, a new parking lot with permeable paving, site landscaping and a plaza. The project will also provide multiple benefits to the neighborhood by creating visual linkages to the Los Angeles River and to other projects of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master plan.

The park will include Low Impact Development (LID), Green Infrastructure, and Best Management Practice (BMP) measures to improve the water quality of stormwater prior to discharging into the Los Angeles River and ultimately into the Pacific Ocean. In addition to collecting, treating and infiltrating onsite runoff, the project will divert stormwater and dry weather flows from an existing storm drain. The diverted flows will be treated and infiltrated or used within the park. The BMPs installed will include bioretention facilities, bioswales, and pervious pavement subsurface infiltration areas.